FULL SIZE Book 5 Collection

FULL SIZE Book 5 Collection

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I have no affiliation with Harry Potter or any other person/company that may own rights to this amazing series besides being a huge fan.

I excited to bring you the next installation of the Harry Potter book inspired series. This is Book 5, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. :)

Prophecy is a light blue multi-chrome with subtle shifts of gray and purple. This polish glows bright blue in the dark. Inspired by the swirling, glowing light of the prophecy spheres.

Hem, Hem is and explosion of small pink glitters in two shades plus pink micro-shred glitters. Inspired by the toad we all love to hate, Umbridge and her love of all things pink.

Metamorphmagus is a neon pink polish with flecks of blue shimmer. This polish is black light reactive and also glows purple in the dark! Inspired by the wonderful abilities of (don't call me Nymphadora) Tonks.

I Must Not Tell Lies is a nude polish with various sizes of red holo glitters. Inspired by the bloody words cared into Harry's flesh during his detentions with Umbridge.

The Veil is a silvery stone grey holographic with two sizes of holographic black glitter and silver holo micro-shred glitters. Inspired by the old stone and tattered black curtain of the veil between life and death.

Bugged is a green pearly multi-chrome with shifts of yellow, gold, and brown. Inspired by Rita Skeeter and her beetle animagus form.

House of Black is a black holographic with silver holo shred glitters and micro-shred glitters. Inspired by the house of the Black family with all its glittery objects holding deadly traps. A polish that says look but don't touch!

This listing is for 7 FULL SIZE bottles. Full size bottles hold approximately 15mL of polish compared to the 5mL of our mini bottles.

All my polishes are 5-free with 2 stainless steel mixing balls. Polishes are handmade with love so there may be slight variations between batches. I do try to keep my pictures as true to color as possible, but please remember that every computer screen is different.